What We do ?

PRD Upholstery offers a top re-upholstery service to your home furniture and is also able to manufacture seating for your business or home, we also manufacture headboards and wallboards.

Furnish Your Food Business with Bespoke Lounge Seating

PRD Upholstery is a family firm that is highly experienced In the manufacturing of bespoke seating. Many of food and leisure centers in Glasgow and surrounding are furnished by Amin Upholstery.
We have great prices and take pride in our satisfied customers, we provide many samples of fabrics, leathers, and designs for our customers to select from.

The restaurant that we have made seating for is known to be elegant, stylish, and most importantly comfortable. We have highly experienced consultants in this area, to design specific seating that your style of a restaurant requires. Whether you want to re-upholster your old restaurant and freshen it up by keeping the cost low or want the seating to be made specifically for your restaurant.

We manufacture seating and upholstered wallboards to make your place magnificent. And we can guarantee you that your restaurant is going to be admired. Our prices specifically on this type of jobs are extremely competitive. We have done many restaurants and we are highly experienced in dealing with businesses. We are quick, efficient, and fair with the prices. We also do no obligation, free quote on demand.