What We do ?

PRD Upholstery offers a top re-upholstery service to your home furniture and is also able to manufacture seating for your business or home, we also manufacture headboards and wallboards.




Our commercial services are specifically made for businesses and are very different from our domestic jobs.

For commercial services, we need many more details of measurements and designs to be done. Which we offer free of charge. Our main goal in our commercial services is to design the specific seat of the size and color needed for your business. We will consult and guide our commercial costumers throughout the process.

A big difference between our commercial and our domestic jobs is that we can not accept material that is not provided by ourselves. The reason for this is safety reasons, like fire resistance and quality. We will only use high-quality material to uphold our reputation.

In the event of us getting contacted via form, we will get in touch within one working day and arrange a business visit as quickly as possible, to take the measurements and show the costumers samples of material and samples of previous work. Once this is done and the deal is accepted, we will take the details, contact our joiner, pass on the details, and start the production immediately.
For businesses, we will compromise with your business hours and minimize the time that your business might be closed for the job, or not closed at all, which is our main goal. This is something only our company offers throughout Scotland. We cover all of Scotland for our commercial services. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.