Upholsterers typically do the following:

  • Consult with clients to discuss alterations to their upholstered furniture and to help their customers choose fabric or leather.
  • Estimates costs for the projects, including approximate fabric and labor costs. Usually done by a home visit.
  • Inspect upholstered furniture’s to find needed repairs in the frame, upholstery, and springs and sewing stitches.
  • Remove and replace old foam and worn padding, filling, and broken springs.
  • Measure, cut, and sew fabric, and attach it to the furniture frame with tacks, staples, and glue

Upholsterers put on covering and cushions to create new furniture and update old furniture and vehicle interiors.
Although some upholsterers specialize in either working with old furniture or creating new furniture, most do both.

Upholsterers need to stay current with trends in furniture design and styles. They help choose fabrics that meet their customer’s lifestyle, preferences, and needs. For example, upholsterers may help a client who has young children choose a long-lasting and durable fabric for a family room sofa that matches other furniture.

Sometimes upholsterers have to choose fabrics that meet building codes —such as being fire resistant— or fabrics that reflect the style of the building. They also may work with interior designers and architects who need furniture for a new building.

Upholsterers may specialize in working on replacing upholstery for the interiors of boats, cars, and recreational vehicles. They upholster seats, carpet floors, and cover door panels. To replace interiors with another fabric or other material, such as leather, these workers first remove the seats from the vehicle before replacing the upholstery. Some upholsterers own their business. In these cases, they may do management and administrative tasks, such as managing the finances of their business and taking orders.

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